Why Kazan


Kazan takes the customer experience seriously. We do whatever it takes.


Product quality starts with a quality team. Kazan is driven by quality all the time.


Our customer’s needs are paramount. Kazan strives for quick, well thought out support solutions.

What’s in our name?  It’s from the Japanese phrase Fūrin Kazan, meaning “as swift as wind, as gentle as forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakable as mountain.

What customers say

“All roads lead to Kazan –it’s the only solution that works across all my applications”

“No DRAM saves space, power, cost, and latency. HW-based design provides unparalleled ease of deployment”

“Kazan saves me months of software development”

“Only solution to consistently fill a 100Gb Ethernet link”

“Kazan’s solution is clean and easy”

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