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High-performance FPGA-based platform enables NVMe over Fabrics testing in advance of the new standard

Auburn, CA — February 16th, 2016

Kazan Networks Corporation announced today that they will soon start shipping a fully-functional evaluation platform of their industry-leading NVMe over Fabrics solution.  This platform, available to order now and shipping in March, represents a functional and compliant implementation of this still pre-standard technology.

Last November, Kazan Networks was the first and only vendor to announce support for both iWARP and RoCE protocols in a single solution.  This new evaluation platform supports both protocols across dual high-performance 10Gbit Ethernet connections, connecting to any NVMe SSD in the U.2 or M.2 form factors.  Customers will be able to show sub-microsecond latencies through the platform, a critical metric for enabling remote pools of Flash-based storage.

“We’ve received tremendous interest from our customers and partners in our technology; this platform now enables them to try it out in their own labs,” said Bryan Cowger, VP of Sales/Marketing for Kazan Networks.  “Powerpoint slides are nice, but there’s no substitute for real hardware, talking to real devices, and running real traffic.”

With this FPGA-based solution, Kazan Networks enables customers to begin their own trials of the pre-standard NVMe over Fabrics ecosystem.  This disruptive new technology is garnering significant interest from many players in the industry, from device vendors to massive datacenter hosts, and interest level in this fully-functional evaluation system is already widespread.

Kazan Networks’ platform represents a truly plug-and-play solution.  Customers are expected to be running real NVMe over Fabrics traffic within hours of receiving this new hardware.

NVMe over Fabrics defines a new paradigm in high-performance Flash connectivity with the potential to change how solid state storage is configured, accessed, and managed within the datacenter.  By centralizing and pooling flash, compute and storage infrastructure can be deployed and scaled independently, offering new levels of flexibility and significantly lowering TCO.

For more information or for how to place an order, please contact Kazan Networks via this website.


Headquartered in Roseville, CA, Kazan Networks is a privately held startup founded in Dec 2014 by an experienced team of high-tech veterans. Kazan Networks set out to design the highest performance and most efficient NVMe over Fabrics technology available. The team has previously led the industry in the innovation of Fibre Channel and iSCSI controllers, FC-to-SATA bridges, SAS controllers, and high-performance networking solutions. Find out more about Kazan Networks at kazan-networks.com.


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