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Company demonstrating two new breakthrough products at this week’s Flash Memory Summit

Santa Clara, CA — August 6th, 2018

Kazan Networks will be showcasing two industry-leading technologies at its booth #700 at this year’s Flash Memory Summit.

First, Kazan Networks is announcing its “Fuji” 100Gb ASIC, the world’s fastest and lowest power NVMe-oF™ bridge solution.  Consuming just 6.5 watts of power, Fuji demonstrates 2.8 million I/Os per second (IOPS) while performing 4kB Read operations.  Kazan Networks’ advanced “massively parallel architecture” is behind this breakthrough performance/power ratio, far ahead of competitors.  Furthermore, Fuji’s lack of external DRAM requirements further minimizes cost, power, and footprint.  In a small 21mm BGA package, and combined with the lack of DRAM, Fuji consumes less than one quarter the area of competitors.

Second, Kazan Networks will be demonstrating a functional prototype of the pre-standard NVMe™/TCP protocol.  This FPGA-based implementation shows that nearly the same performance can be achieved as that of RDMA, while not requiring an expensive RNIC to be installed in the application server.  In addition, Kazan’s hardware-focused implementation of this new transport far outperforms similar software-based solutions.  Kazan Networks plans to productize this new option once the standard is adopted.

“Kazan Networks is pleased to now be shipping our Fuji ASIC product to customers,” said Joe Steinmetz, CEO of Kazan Networks.  “It’s taken a tremendous team effort to start from nothing and deliver a custom ASIC of this complexity to the market in the 3.5 years since Kazan was founded.  The fact that it appears to be out-performing the competition makes it that much more satisfying for the entire team.”

Both technologies form the heart of a Composable Infrastructure, enabling next-generation datacenters to enjoy huge TCO improvements by disaggregating compute and storage resources into independent pools.  Being able to precisely dedicate the correct amount of storage to each application is expected to create a significant and sustained increase in storage utilization, thereby solving today’s problem of “dark flash”, or unused SSDs which have been installed directly into the application server.

Kazan Networks is now shipping Fuji to customers and is expected to ramp to volume production later this year.  For more information and to see these products in action, please visit Kazan Networks’ booth #700.


Headquartered in Roseville, CA, Kazan Networks is a privately held startup founded in Dec 2014 by an experienced team of high-tech veterans. Kazan Networks set out to design the highest performance and most efficient NVMe over Fabrics technology available. The team has previously led the industry in the innovation of Fibre Channel and iSCSI controllers, FC-to-SATA bridges, SAS controllers, and high-performance networking solutions. Find out more about Kazan Networks at kazan-networks.com.

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