Kazan Networks introduces the industry's highest performing, lowest power NVMe-oF bridge solutions - available now!

"Onyx" NVMe-oF Bridge Adapter


Kazan Networks has successfully developed the world’s lowest-power, lowest-latency, and highest performance NVMe-oF target bridge and is now shipping these to select customers.  Designed specifically to enable NVMe JBOFs to connect directly to an NVMe-oF network, Onyx plugs into a standard x16 PCIe slot in a JBOF.  A single Onyx board is capable of delivery 2.8M IOPS (4kB) and over 11 GB/s of bandwidth.  Add up to 6 Onyx adapters to a 2U/24SSD JBOF and you will achieve performance topping 16M IOPS / 65GB/s!  Inquire today and learn more about why the world’s highest performance comes from the coolest products.

Half-height, half-length NVMe-oF bridge adapter
Half-height, half-length NVMe-oF bridge adapter


  • 1x100Gb or 2x50Gb Ethernet port(s) via QSFP28 cage

  • PCIe Gen3 x16 or 2x8 Root Port interface to PCIe switch

  • Support for RoCE (v1,v2) and iWARP protocols

  • Able to demonstrate sub-500 nanosecond latency!

  • 9W total power

  • Fully compliant with the NVMe-oF 1.0 standard

"FUJI" NVMe-oF Bridge ASIC

Fuji NVMe-oF Bridge ASIC
Fuji NVMe-oF Bridge ASIC


Kazan Networks enables integration at the ASIC level via its new Fuji ASIC.  Designed to enable the lowest-cost, lowest-power JBOF / EBOF / FBOF systems, Fuji can be integrated directly onto a system’s I/O board, eliminating the expense of add-in card (AIC) form factors.  Inquire about how you can leverage the smallest footprint solution to create leading-edge NVMe-oF solutions today!


  • 1x100Gb, 2x50Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb Ethernet port(s)

  • PCIe Gen3 x16 or 2x8

  • 21mm BGA package

  • Requires no external DRAM

  • Just 7W total power consumption!

  • Capable of 2.8M IOPS (4kB)

  • Sub-500ns latency through the ASIC

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