Kazan Networks introduces the industry's first NVMe-oF standalone bridge!

"Magma" NVMe-oF Bridge


Kazan Networks has developed the world's first stand-alone NVMe-oF bridge adapter, designed specifically to enable NVMe JBOFs to connect directly to an NVMe-oF network.  Plugging into a standard x16 PCIe slot in a JBOF, a single Magma board is capable of delivering 2.6M IOPS (4kB) and over 10GB/s.  Add up to 6 adapters to a 2U/24SSD JBOF and you will see performance topping 15M IOPS / 60GB/s!  And there's no set of high-powered embedded processor required like other, RNIC-based "solutions".

Half-height, half-length NVMe-oF bridge adapter
Half-height, half-length NVMe-oF bridge adapter


  • 4x25Gb Ethernet ports via QSFP28 cage

  • PCIe 4x Gen3 x4 Root Port interfaces to PCIe switch(es)

  • Simultaneous support for RoCE (v1,v2) and iWARP protocols

  • Able to demonstrate sub-microsecond latency!

  • 20W total power

  • Plug-and-play NVMe-oF functionality - fully compliant with the NVMe-oF 1.0 standard

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